Standard test methods and measurement standard for hydrogen quality certification

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Johan Holstein Johan Holstein
Head of Gas Testing and Analysis

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Standard test methods and measurement standard for hydrogen quality certification


A switch towards a sustainable economy with green hydrogen as a fuel for mobility and industries is being considered in a number of countries including The Netherlands, UK and Germany. Fuel compatibility with appliances is one of the major concerns in making this transition. To ensure this compatibility, test methods for hydrogen quality certification need to be in place. Therefore harmonized and validated test methods are required to enable the transportation of hydrogen using existing infrastructure as well as clear financial transactions without disputes. It’s recognized that there is a lack of test methods cited in EN-ISO 14867-2 which are neither harmonized nor validated. 


This joint industry project (JIP) aims to develop standardized test methods for the parameters (mainly impurities) in hydrogen to be monitored along the hydrogen supply chain before using it as a vehicle fuel. Furthermore an improved measurement standard for these parameters will be developed in order to enable traceable calibration and measurement results.


The project’s outputs will enable the owners of hydrogen supply and refueling stations to guarantee the quality of the gas they sell to industrial customers and consumer markets, as well as guaranteeing ‘fair-trade’ of hydrogen with different compositions.The standardized test methods and improved measurement standard provide the building blocks to set recommended practice that addresses the process of hydrogen valorisation and custody transfer as well as the assessment of safe and cost-effective use of hydrogen as a fuel.