Subsea integrity management - phase 2

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Svein Gundersen Svein Gundersen
Senior Principal Engineer

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  • Develop possible assessment methods for degradation of components based on available data.
  • Develop specific guidelines for managing the integrity of new equipment based on experience from the industry and Subsea integrity management - phase 1.


The main topics for phase 2 of this joint industry project (JIP) are to: 
  • Update the threat list 
  • Check and update relevant codes and standards 
  • Include inspection/monitoring/testing 
  • Include equipment/systems not covered in phase 1 (e.g. pumps and pumping systems, compressors, DEH systems, power systems, control systems)
  • Include ready for operation concepts. 


  • Receive a concrete guideline for how to manage the integrity of new subsea equipment
  • Share experience with other companies. Get insight into each other’s problems/challenges with integrity management and operation of subsea equipment, as well as potential /chosen solutions
  • Get better acquainted with subsea experts from several other companies - networking.


  • Common frame for development of monitoring, inspection and test program
  • Risk-based inspection and maintenance
  • Potential for improved availability
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased confidence in the condition of subsea equipment.