Efficient risk assessment during design

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Anne Marie Wahlstrøm Anne Marie Wahlstrøm
Principal Consultant

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The capital value process in the CAPEX phase is repetitive and process-safety aspects have not always been handled in a structured and efficient manner; design changes have had a very negative impact on risk results, the explosion risk has been analysed for areas that have other dimensioning loads, and strategies and requirements are not always cascaded down to all the engineering disciplines.


A description of a structured process to identify dimensioning loads, robustness and uncertainties in the design as well as parameters that, if changed, will alter the risk picture. The process also shows how to establish and follow up on a strategy to achieve inherently safe design principles throughout the CAPEX phase.


The benefit of this will be an established practice providing a better overview of dimensioning loads, better resource allocation in order to remove uncertainties impacting on the risk and/or cost, and a better overview of safety-critical functions.


  • Better quality process safety; requirements and solution
  • A more efficient design process
    • Reduced recurrence in the risk process
    • Early maturing of the concept
    • Less uncertainty regarding design changes