Quality standard for CO2 utilization

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Specialist Gas Quality Analysis

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JIP - Quality standard for CO2 utilization


​In a changing energy landscape, carbon capture, transport, storage and utilization are becoming increasingly important to the industry. Currently, the use and transport of CO2 from biogenic sources is not regulated and utilization cannot rely on well-founded standards. There is a lack of CO2 quality criteria which means the investment conditions for CO2 utilization are unclear.


The purpose of this project is to set up a quality assurance protocol for the quality assurance of CO2 from biogenic sources. This protocol intends to identify the possible impurities in biogenic CO2 and associated risks along the supply chain and propose mitigation measures to control those risks.


By creating a risk-based standard for CO2 qualities, DNV GL enables a safe and smart market for CO2 supply. This enables CO2 suppliers and stakeholders to make well-based decisions to enhance the safe and effective utilization of biogenic CO2.


Creating a risk-based standard for carbon dioxide qualities to ensure safe, effective, efficient and commercially acceptable use for all stakeholders in the CO2 supply chain.