Large-diameter mooring chains OPB fatigue- initial scope

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Pedro Barros Pedro Barros
Principal Engineer

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JIP - Large-diameter mooring chains OPB fatigue


Given recent developments in manufacturing capabilities and project demands, a knowledge gap has developed for large-diameter mooring chains subjected to out-of-plane fatigue loading and wear. Furthermore the effects of different surface treatment solutions are not known.

Knowledge and test results are not available to enable efficient mooring system design without overdue conservatism.


Perform OPB fatigue and wear testing of mooring chains with large- diameters, including improved surface solutions.

Perform a test programme to obtain high-quality data and calibrate FEA methodology for OPB analysis.


Develop design recommended practice for large diameter chains, including FEA methodology.

Optimize the mooring system design by applying high-quality data for large chain sizes, grades and surface conditions, reducing the overall cost of the system and facilitating life-extension evaluations.


Design life extension programmes: a one year extension corresponds to the deferral of MUSD 1 expenditure on a typical 16-chain mooring system arrangement.

Exemption from project-specific test program can save up to KUSD 500.