Characterization of FCGR and FT Performance of Offshore Pipelines under Field Representative Conditions

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Feng Gui Feng Gui
Principal Engineer

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FCGR/FT data typically have been developed in simulated production environment (often 5wt% NaCl) even though the environment inside the pipe is an oil and water mixture
Loading pattern experienced by riser/flow lines is different from that used in the data development (rise/hold vs. sine wave/rising displacement)


  • Understanding of the impact of oil/water mixtures on FCGR and FT properties
  • Understanding of the loading pattern on FCGR and FT properties
  • Technique to develop FCGR and FT properties for ECA


This will improve the confidence in estimating FCGRs and fracture toughness values for use in the early stages of design


Successful launch of this JIP will further improve DNV GL’s leading position in the area of sour testing and ECA for subsea pipelines.