Research into large-volume dust explosions

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Clara Huéscar Medina
Safety Engineer

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Dust explosion


Combustible dusts pose explosion hazards in a wide range of industrial facilities. Current guidelines for the design of explosion protection systems are unsuitable for the increasingly large facilities available. There is a need to understand the effects of scale on the potential for flammable atmospheres to be formed and the effectiveness of current guidance in the mitigation of dust explosion hazards.


  • Conduct large-scale experiments under both idealized and realistic conditions combined with modelling activities.
  • Validate methodologies for modelling dust explosions using CFD.


  • Determination of the potential for dust build-up, escalation or effects due to the variability of feedstocks.
  • Safe and cost-effective explosion protection systems.
  • Industry guidance.


NOK 8.5 million through the prevention of fire and explosion incidents*

* Factory Mutual Insurance Company estimated in 2011 that dust-related incidents resulted in losses of over USD 1 million