Standardization of flattened-strap tensile testing of line pipe

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Tensile test results are a major contributing component to pipeline design and operation, as the pipeline’s strength must be suitable for containing the internal pressure of the liquid or gas. The issue of inconsistent yield strength results from tensile testing of line pipe has been identified by Federal regulators in the US. This JIP will study the standardization of tensile testing parameters and calibration specimens.


Tensile test results from flattened-strap pipe specimens, which are a major component of pipeline design and operation, have been identified as inconsistent by Federal regulators in the US, and must be addressed by the industry.


Standardization of test procedures can minimize variability in yield strength results and their associated liabilities. As a result, improved test methods establishing accurate yield strength determination will minimize unanticipated pipeline project delays and costs associated with new and existing pipelines. Furthermore, reduced variability in test results will allow pipe manufacturers and third party test labs to provide test results that more closely reflect the actual distribution of pipe yield strength and are indicative of line pipe performance.


This project aims to develop methods to standardize flattened-strap pipe specimens. Methods that will be explored include the specification of influential tensile testing parameters as well as a standardized specimen for calibration of testing equipment and practices.

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