Cost effective and safe operations of petroleum installations – improved learnings from failure investigations and root-cause analysis

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Hans-Erik Berge, DNV GL Hans-Erik Berge

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Due to the industry striving for the cost-effective execution of projects and operations while maintaining a high focus on safety and environmental footprint, innovative and smart solutions are needed more than ever. Learning from failures and incidents is essential in a lean and cost-effective organization and is often a fundamental requirement in regulations. However, incidents should not be seen in isolation as this means the broader view and key industry learnings might be lost.


By extracting data and knowledge from all the detailed incident investigations performed over the years, solutions might be found in lessons learned from past events/failures.


  • A systematic approach to retain and make available lessons learned from past failures and exchange experience between the JIP partners.
  • Enhanced operational performance through utilizing the previously gained knowledge from past failures.


  • Reduced risk of major accidents
  • High safety awareness in a cost-cutting environment
  • Cost-effective and safe operations through a systematic approach to learning from previous failures and incidents:
    • Reduced planned and unplanned down-time
    • Enhanced utilization of existing assets
    • Efficient inspection and maintenance follow-up