Design methods for the assessment of fibre ropes

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Ingrid Skutle Høgsæt Ingrid Skutle Høgsæt
Senior Engineer


Fibre ropes are currently qualified and assessed in extensive and costly testing schemes. DNV GL standards for the certification of ropes for various applications are already in place based on this method and generate international business for DNV GL. However, the applied design methods for dimensioning ropes, thimbles and winches currently rely purely on testing. The development of better engineering models will further increase customers’ benefits from working with DNV GL standards and as a result strengthen our business and position in the market. 


Refining the analysis model method will allow more advanced system analyses. Schemes for providing DNV GL services may be improved accordingly, using the market-leading DNVGL-ST-E407 as an example. The method will be summarized in a guideline.


Once the method is in place, confidence in fibre-rope products will increase and the use of fibre ropes can move into new markets/applications. The industry will benefit from this by being able to e.g. replace steel wire with fibre rope. This will reduce the weight of a mooring/deployment system and save installation and operating costs.


CAPEX cost reduction of approximately 30% for all types of systems. 
OPEX cost reduction of approximately 60% for all types of systems.

Joint Industry Projects - Design methods for the assessment of fibre ropes

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