Framework towards qualification and certification of 3D printed products for maritime and oil & gas applications

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Sastry Yagnanna Kandukuri Sastry Yagnanna Kandukuri
Principal Specialist - Additive Manufacturing, DNV GL - Oil & Gas

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By 2020, Singapore plans to use Additive Manufacturing (AM) to create USD 500 million in added value each year. In 2016, that figure was USD 50 million.
Achieving this goal will entail a lot of focus and support - and, as a class society with a lab testing facility, DNV GL is very well placed (and perceived) to spearhead several joint industry initiatives.


As part of DNV GL’s initiative to take a strong role within the AM network in Singapore, we are beginning the journey by establishing two JIPs in certification and qualification areas that will address two important market segments

  1. AM for reconditioning old parts or creating on-demand new spare parts
  2. The fabrication of large-scale AM structural parts


  1. Damaged parts can be re-engineered to be ‘like new’ on-demand, within a fraction of the time required by conventional repair methods.
  2. Castings/forging can be replaced with AM parts so the lead time is reduced from around 6 months to 2 weeks.


Singapore's marine and oil & gas manufacturing/fabrication industries have an annual turnover of USD 10 billion and employ some 100,000 people. Repairs and conversions form the backbone of the local industry, accounting for more than half the total revenue. If we assume that 10% of Singapore’s fabrication/repair industry can use AM, the revenue from this will be USD 100 million/year.