Well intervention blowout risk assessment

Well intervention


Upstream operators face increasing challenges to economically and safely operate on existing wells. Well intervention operations introduce deviations from the known risk profiles of the well because they require deactivation or alteration of operational barriers and the temporary installation of equipment brought in by well service contractors. More than 50% of well control events occur during well servicing operations and despite a blowout or hydrocarbon release having catastrophic consequences in terms of safety and environmental damage, a standardized and  industry-wide accepted and validated approach to assess well intervention risks is currently lacking. 


Develop a guideline to better assess well intervention risks:

  • Literature review of major causes (technical, procedural, organizational aspects and human factors) and consequences
  • Review of well intervention procedures and best practices of JIP partners
  • Compile database with reliability data of well intervention equipment
  • Develop and validate the Well Intervention Risk Assessment tool.


  • Provide industry with guideline
  • Enhance well service safety and environmental risk management
  • Expanded well specific blowout risk assessment tool
  • Encourage more sharing and adoption of best practice.

Our JIP partners feed into the initial project scope of work, and have access to all the research and development undertaken.

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Joint industry projects - Well intervention blowout risk assessment

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