Decision support tool for dynamic barrier management

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Barrier analysis forms the foundation for risk management in the offshore industry. Decision support tools for dynamic barrier management will enable personnel to continuously monitor barrier health and take action to restore degraded barriers to prevent and mitigate major accidents. These methods will encourage effective communication and consensus among operators, maintenance, management, and regulators. This JIP will develop methods, best practices, data, and decision support tools for dynamic barrier management.


  • Knowing the continuous status of barriers and confidence that they will function when needed
  • Lack of common risk language for communication
  • Lack of practical decision support tools for operations


  • Continuous knowledge of barrier health status
  • Real time decision support and risk management
  • Common language for communication and consensus among engineering, operations, maintenance, and management


The JIP participants will develop and test:

  • Methods, best practices, data sources, and tools
  • Standardized bow tie diagrams, response trees, and decision protocols
  • Pilot-scale decision support systems


  • Systematically identify information and instrumentation requirements for continuous risk management
  • Provide decision guidance to restore degraded barriers or implement success paths when needed to prevent or mitigate an accident
  • Develop an information architecture for communication, consensus, and action among:
    • Offshore operators
    • Industry groups
    • Regulatory bodies
    • External stakeholders

Joint Industry Projects - Decision support tool for dynamic barrier management

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