Guidance on ageing valve integrity and life management

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Large process valves are difficult to replace or repair, making it hard to combat age degradation effects. This JIP will develop guidance on valve integrity management, including the detection and avoidance of common failure modes and identification of maintenance options if failures occur. This will benefit operators through development of cost-effective maintenance regimes, and extend valve lifetimes while improving asset safety and reliability.


  • Large process valves are typically installed for long lifetimes and are difficult to replace or repair, making it hard to combat the effects of degradation due to age.
  • Many ageing assets have experienced valve failures which pose a risk to safe and reliable operation.


  • Development of cost effective maintenance programmes for process valves.
  • Extend the useful life of valves and reduce replacement costs.
  • Reduce risks to the safe and reliable operation of assets.


  • A best practice guide for effectively maintaining valves in order to reduce the risk of failure, and recommendations for remedial maintenance for valves which have failed or degraded.