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Meeting increasing demands safely and responsibly


More and more on- and offshore pipeline systems must traverse remote regions with extreme terrains or harsh environments. Transporting oil or gas cost-effectively, safely and responsibly to consumers, via what is often an ageing pipeline infrastructure, is not a simple task, particularly when pipelines cross territories that are subject to different regulatory regimes and requirements.

Pipelines are an effective and highly reliable means for hydrocarbon transportation over short and medium-range distances. But they represent a large investment for a field development or gas-export transport system. These investments are highly influenced by the application codes for design and construction of the pipeline.   

Pipeline codes

Over the years, we have created a series of internationally recognised standards, service specifications and recommended practices together with the pipeline industry. 

Our first pipeline code was issued in 1976. It has achieved global recognition, winning prestigious industry awards and currently 65% of all new projects globally are designed to it.

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