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Over the past 40 years, we have issued a series of internationally recognized codes in partnership with the oil and gas industry. 

These specifications, standards and recommended practices help reduce and manage risk. By bridging cutting-edge theory with hands-on experience, our codes enable customers to benefit from our broader view of the subsea industry.

Service specifications (SE)

DNV GL’s service specifications provide principles and procedures of our classification, certification, verification and technical advisory services: 

  • DNVGL-SE-0474 Risk based verification 
  • DNVGL-SE-0475 Verification and certification of submarine pipelines 
  • DNVGL-SE-0476 Offshore riser systems 
  • DNVGL-SE-0478 Verification of subsea facilities 
  • DNVGL-SE-0045 Certification of subsea equipment and components.
Download DNV GL's service specifications related to subsea

Offshore standards (OS/ST)

Our offshore standards provide technical provisions and acceptance criteria for general use by the industry, as well as the technical basis for DNV GL offshore services: 

  • DNVGL-OS-E301 Position mooring 
  • DNVGL-ST-F101 Submarine pipeline systems 
  • DNVGL-ST-F201 Dynamic risers 
  • DNVGL-ST-F301 Subsea equipment and components.
Download DNV GL's offshore standards related to subsea

Recommended practices (RP)

Our recommended practices provide proven technology and sound engineering practice, as well as guidance for the higher level offshore service specifications and offshore standards: 

  • DNVGL-RP-0002 Integrity management of subsea production systems 
  • DNVGL-RP-0046 Qualification procedure for offshore high-voltage direct current (HVDC) technologies 
  • DNVGL-RP-A203 Technology qualification 
  • DNVGL-RP-B401 Cathodic protection design 
  • DNVGL-RP-E101 Recertification of well control equipment 
  • DNVGL-RP-E103 Risk-based abandonment of offshore wells
  • DNVGL-RP-E304 Damage assessment of fibre ropes for offshore mooring 
  • DNVGL-RP-F112 Duplex stainless steel – design against hydrogen induced stress cracking 
  • DNVGL-RP-F113 Pipeline subsea repair  
  • DNVGL-RP-F203 Riser interference 
  • DNVGL-RP-F204 Riser fatigue 
  • DNVGL-RP-F206 Riser integrity management 
  • DNVGL-RP-F302 Offshore leak detection 
  • DNVGL-RP-F401 Electrical power cables in subsea applications 
  • DNVGL-RP-N101 Risk management in marine and subsea operations 
  • DNVGL-RP-0360 Subsea power cables in shallow water 
  • DNVGL-RP-O501 Managing sand production and erosion 
  • DNVGL-RP-0034 Steel forgings for subsea application.
Download DNV GL's recommended practices related to subsea

Codes covering the planning and execution of marine and subsea installation operations

These codes include recommended practices and the Noble Denton marine services guidelines: 

  • DNVGL-ST-N001 - Marine operations and marine warranty. Available from Veracity - more info here. 
  • DNVGL-ST-N002 - Site specific assessment of mobile offshore units for marine warranty. Available from Veracity - more info here. 
  • DNVGL-RP-N101 Risk management in marine and subsea operations 
  • DNVGL-RP-N102 Marine operations during removal of offshore installations 
  • DNVGL-RP-N103 Modelling and analysis of marine operations 0001/ND Rev 1.1 – 28 June 2016 – General guidelines for marine projects 
  • 0027/ND Rev 11.2 – 8 July 2016 – Guidelines for marine lifting and lowering appliances 
  • 0029/ND Rev 1 – 14 December 2015 – Guidelines for submarine pipeline installation 
  • 0030/ND Rev 6.1 - 28 June 2016 - Guidelines for marine transportations  
  • 0032/ND Rev 2.1 – 28 June 2016 - Guidelines for moorings. 

Download DNV GL's codes covering the planning and execution of marine and subsea installation operations

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