WEBINAR: Free spanning pipelines in the digital age

With vast amounts of data processing power and storage opportunities becoming available it's time to rethink how we assess the integrity of free spanning pipelines.

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Kaare Helle Kaare Helle
Innovation Manager
Pipeline free span

Free spans in routing, detailed design and operations integrity management has previously been addressed by manual processes; going from simple screening criteria through to advanced calculations for each critical span configuration. 

In this webinar, Ph.D. Knut Vedeld will explain recent research related to the recommended practice DNVGL-RP-F105 'Free spanning pipelines' and how DNV GL has developed a new, automated model for free span assessments.  

Watch this webinar to learn more about: 
  • How advancements in data storage and processing can be used to automatically manage multi-span interactions and changes in free span configurations over time
  • How this increased modelling accuracy can significantly reduce or avoid costly intervention work
  • Experiences and results from real case studies in applying automated free span modelling. 

Ph.D. Knut Vedeld is Principal Specialist Pipeline Technology in DNV GL and he has 11 years of experience with free span design and operations management. He has technical responsibility for DNVGL-RP-F105.  

The webinar is most relevant for:  

Pipeline engineers, asset managers, technical managers  

Free spanning pipelines in the digital age

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