WEBINAR: Maintaining safe operations

Measuring and improving operational integrity

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Iain Wilson Iain Wilson
Senior Principal Consultant
MSO Webinar

It is well-established that the management of major accident hazards requires a combination of “plant”, “process” and “people” barriers. 

There is a growing recognition that in order to achieve further improvements in major accident hazard management including the further reduction of the number of hydrocarbon releases, there needs to be more focus on our “process” and “people” barriers. Collectively these are often described as “Operational Integrity”. 

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The context for the increased focus on Operational Integrity, draw comparisons with the management of Asset Integrity (“plant” barriers), and discuss how you can:

  • Identify what these critical Operational Integrity barriers are
  • Make these barriers more reliable
  • Make these barriers more effective. 

Maintaining safe operations

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