WEBINAR: More value from your quantitative risk assessments (QRAs)

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Koheila Molazemi Koheila Molazemi
Global Service Area Leader for Risk Management Advisory
Cynthia M Spitzenberger Cynthia M Spitzenberger
Principal Consultant
DNV GL's new application, MyQRA, revolutionizes the way risk is understood, communicated and managed.

In both the capex and opex phases of an asset’s life cycle, safety-critical choices are sometimes made based on an outdated risk picture, without sufficient comparisons of design or operational options.

In this webinar we present DNV GL's new application, MyQRA, which revolutionizes the way risk is understood, communicated and managed:

  • Better decision support – how to get the latest information you need for critical decisions, when you need it
  • Simpler and easier risk communication – get a single view of the risk and 3D visualizations of the risk factors to improve communication and understanding among different project stakeholders
  • More efficient and cost-effective QRAs – our experts forecast that the overall cost of QRA analyses can be reduced by up to 50% over the asset life cycle 
  • Learn about current and upcoming features of MyQRA – see examples of offshore and onshore QRA online reporting and online sensitivities.