WEBINAR: The retention of critical knowledge

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Michael Kelleher Michael Kelleher
Principal Consultant: Knowledge Management Competence Centre
Jeroen Alberts Jeroen Alberts
Senior Consultant: Knowledge Management Competence Centre
WEBINAR: The Retention of Critical Knowledge (ROCK)
Knowledge is a company asset on the same level as physical assets and needs to be protected

Managing knowledge effectively reduces the loss or degradation of capabilities, experiences and skills, and creates enablers for the development and maximum use of new and innovative capabilities in operations.

The retention of critical knowledge has become an important issue for companies worldwide due to an ageing demographic, assets transfers between owners and increasing dependence of expertise in sub-contractors for example.

In this webinar, we discussed how DNV GL works with clients across different sectors and highlight recommendations on how we can help your organization capture and transfer knowledge for re-use.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn:

  • How to assess the risks of losing critical knowledge;
  • About a range of tools that are simple to deploy and can facilitate knowledge capture and transfer and thus mitigate risks;
  • How retention of critical knowledge can be applied in three domains:
    • People. Retention of critical knowledge prevents costs and performance issues related to risks of loss of knowledge and supports effective crew change;
    • Assets. Retention of critical knowledge offers opportunities to capture non-routine and any unique characteristics of sites and assets, thereby ensuring safe operations, strengthening asset performance and effective asset transfers;
    • Projects. Retention of critical knowledge supports improved project execution through capture and re-use of lessons learned and good practices of earlier projects and ensures mistakes are not repeated or work re-done.

This webinar will be of interest to risk managers, process safety managers, safety and risk engineers, HSE/safety managers, technical authorities, regulators and HSE officers. It will also be relevant to line managers at all levels of their organisation, and for those concerned about their ageing workforce, a reliance on lone experts and the need to ensure continuity of operations through knowledge transfer. The webinar can also inform professionals who are just curious to know more.

The retention of critical knowledge

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