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Australian Battery Performance Standards - project public deliverables

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Australian battery standard

Battery testing

Test Battery Selection Process - Full Report

The detailed selection process used to determine the number and type of batteries/cells to be tested, to inform and validate the proposed draft battery performance standard.

Test Battery Selection Process - Executive Summary

The non-technical summary with sufficient information to understand the need for a battery performance standard.

Battery Calibration Report – Public Release

The calibration process of the various energy storage units and the comparison with manufacturer rated specifications.

Battery Testing Activities Interim Report 1

The plan for battery testing and evaluation of performance data, the performance metrics and how they are being assessed.

Battery Testing Activities Interim Report 2

Interim report on electrical performance of test cells.

Test Data

All experimental and evidence testing data is freely available to researchers. Latest test data can be found in the CSIRO Data Access Portal.

Battery capacity estimation methodology

Interim battery capacity estimation methodology and validation using CSIRO data

Further verifications of the proposed modified CC approach using battery charge and discharge data acquired from tests carried out by CSIRO.

IT Power Data Analysis Report

In this analysis, a number of batteries with different chemistries installed during phase 1 and phase 2 of the ITP trial have been investigated.

A Comprehensive Review on Battery Capacity Estimation Methods

The comprehensive review on the commonly used battery capacity estimation methods and the development of a capacity estimation technique.

Battery Capacity Estimation Methodology and Validation Using IT Power Data

The proposal for an improved generic chemistry agnostic battery capacity estimation approach.

Draft standard and best practice guide

Draft version of the proposed Standard MS4

Pre-Proposal to Standards Australia

Draft best practice guide MS4

Australian battery performance standard industry best practice guideline

Standards analysis

Gap Analysis of Existing Battery Energy Storage System Standards - Full Report

The full version of the gap analysis report created under stage 1 of this project.

Gap Analysis of Existing Battery Energy Storage System Standards - Summary Report

The summary version of the gap analysis report created under stage 1 of this project.

Knowledge sharing activities

Workshop presentations will be made available here.

Project updates

Project Update - Milestone 1

Brief project stage 1 update.

Project Update - Milestone 2

Brief project stage 2 update.

Project Update - Milestone 3

Brief project stage 3 update.

Project Update - Milestone 4

Brief project stage 4 update.


Development of a proposed performance standard for a battery storage system connected to a domestic/small commercial solar PV system

Project summary

BMS recommended criteria report

Recommended criteria to select a battery management system

Recommended Information for Battery Safety Information Sheets

Recommended information for battery energy storage systems and battery safety information sheets