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We help manufacturers of power system components, including electric grids, wind turbines, solar PV panels and batteries, give their customers maximum assurance that their designs and products are up to specification.

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  • Manufacturers

PV Module testing and reliability

Benchmarking report finds that despite general trend of improved performance, a significant number of PV products still experience failures. Download our report.

  • Manufacturers

Is your supply chain fit for the future?

A DNV GL study involving more than fourteen hundred professionals worldwide on supply chain sustainability reveals that half of the respondents consider themselves to be beginners in sustainable supply chain management. View our video, infographic and full report to learn more and gain insights of what leaders do to ensure future-fit supply chains.

  • Manufacturers

Optimizing turbine design and assessment

As wind turbines continue to grow in size, power and complexity, understanding turbine behaviour is key to optimizing your design and reducing risk. Our Bladed wind turbine simulation software provides a sophisticated numerical model of wind turbines and their operational environment.

  • Manufacturers

Choosing the right battery storage solution

Variable renewable energy sources like wind and solar need energy storage to help balance production and demand. Battery-based systems are fast emerging as an ideal solution, but with big differences between batteries; how can manufacturers provide performance assurance and how do project developers choose the right storage solution?

  • Utilities

Get ready for the transition to ISO 50001:2018

The updated energy management standard has been released – helping you to achieve continual improvement in energy performance. Learn more about the main changes to the standard and how to transition as smoothly as possible.

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