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The DNV GL Control Center provides a unique service: the continuous monitoring, analyzing and interpreting of the partial discharge activity on your power cables

Smart Cable Guard

The SCG Partial discharge knowledge rules are created by DNV GL experts on power cable and partial discharge activity.
This failure probability is converted by a DNV GL partial discharge expert to an SGC warning or is indicated as electrical noise. Each new partial discharge event found by the SCG knowledge rules is used to improve the ever improving SCG knowledge rules and therefore improving the service towards SCG users. This improvement results in earlier warnings and better understanding of power cables and cable accessories. Those SCG knowledge rules automatically analyze the measured partial discharge data and convert the partial discharge data to a failure probability. Providing you with uniform and ever improving service resulting in earlier warnings and a better understanding of power cables and cable accessories.

Providing you with 3 stages of SCG warnings, immediate warning when a partial discharge gets to a critical stage.
You have your own customer password protect login account where you can access your own analyzed data 24 hours, 7 days a week, all year long. Providing you with actual cable condition information which you can use, not only to do preventive maintenance, but also for enhancing network management. By knowing the actual condition of your cable, you can decide to overload the cable for a short period in time knowing that this will not result in direct failures.

With our Guest Web Login you can watch the partial discharge development on three cables from our clients. The presented cables are historical measured cables and the data is running in a continuous loop sequence, each hour historical data is added as if it this cable is monitored live by an SCG system. Not only can the height of the partial discharge be seen, but also the location on the cable and the partial discharge behavior change in time due to e.g. example loads and humidity changes can be observed. With this guest access you will be able to see DNV GL Smart Cable Guard® in action and see the advantages it can bring for you to your network!

Download the DNV GL Smart Cable Guard Guest Web Login Data Sheet on the right side under downloads, this data sheet contains web address and the username and password: https://scg.dnvgl.com

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‘Heartbeat’ monitoring of MV cable connections

Meet Fred Steennis...

Fred is one of our grids experts, has over 35 years of experience in the degradation of underground power cables, and is a part-time professor at the University of Technology in Eindhoven.

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