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DNV GL’s Smart Cable Guard online monitoring system considerably improves the reliability of your MV cable network resulting in better SAIDI and SAIFI figures.

Smart Cable Guard
Smart Cable Guard is an online multi-functional monitoring system with two functions:
  1. Detect and locate* weak  spots
  2. Detect and locate* faults including self-healing breakdowns

*The accuracy is in both cases 1% of the cable length

Benefits when using Smart Cable Guard
Smart Cable Guard is a unique system that can revolutionise your asset management strategy and safeguard your network. Its round-the-clock monitoring results in:

  • Reduction of outage duration (SAIDI)
  • Reduction of outage frequency (SAIFI)
  • Improvement network health and reliability:
    • Replacement of weak cable segments and accessories before they fail
    • Improvement of your learning curve for understanding future outages
  • Preventing negative publicity and liability claims due to outages
  • Reduction in operating costs to keep your network running
  • Running your network proactively instead of reactively

Clearly visible in below table is the efficiency that Smart Cable generates to safeguard a MV network, as being a two in one product.

Smart Cable Guard table 770x555pxl

  • Most complete system to safeguard your MV network
  • High accuracy in pinpointing the location of weaknesses or faults / breakdowns
  • 24/7 insight of your network health
  • Immediate warning when an unexpected fault has occurred
  • Maximum efficiency by a pro-active approach to safeguard your MV network
  • Most accurate system by using two sensors for one cable circuit together with the patented time synchronization
  • Unique learning curves can be established by studying removed cable and cable accessories prior to the expected outages from PD measurements
  • Good ROI on the investment

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‘Heartbeat’ monitoring of MV cable connections

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Fred is one of our grids experts, has over 35 years of experience in the degradation of underground power cables, and is a part-time professor at the University of Technology in Eindhoven.

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