Power and renewables

WindGEMINI automatically analyses wind farm data and provides you with data-driven, actionable insights so that you can focus on what really matters - building a more sustainable future.

If there’s one thing in common among all of us in the team is that we became engineers because we want to understand the world around us. Understand it so that we can improve it - that’s why we are working in renewable energy. We want to see wind farms around the world, and particularly those we work with, produce as much energy as possible - that is our own contribution to a more sustainable future.

That is why we created WindGEMINI – a wind turbine digital twin that analyses data from the wind farms in an automated and cost effective way. Our system ingests SCADA signals from the wind turbines and processes them in real time, without any human effort, to produce actionable insights on turbine performance, health and remaining life, so that we can spend our time focussing on what really matters – prioritising actions to improve production, reduce downtime and extend the nominal life of our customers’ wind farms.

WindGEMINI is the most comprehensive advanced analytics system available for the wind industry. The algorithms are based on over 30 years of experience of our Data Analytics department, who have assessed over 60 GW of wind farms across the world, and of our Turbine Engineering Support department, who have been involved in the design of over one hundred turbine models.

The team

Michael Wilkinson 200x200pxl

Michael Wilkinson

Global head of WindGEMINI

Malcolm Heath 200x200pxl

Malcolm Heath

Business development manager

Jon Collins 200x200pxl

Jon Collins

Lead Data Scientist


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