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  • Over voltage ride through certification
    20 February 2018 | Renewables Certification | Flyer

    Over voltage ride through certification

    With type testing and certification in one, DNV GL helps you meet grid code requirements for OVRT performance and maintain market access
  • BigMed report cover
    08 February 2018 | Group | Life sciences srp | Report


    Big data management for the precise treatment of three patient groups
  • Confidence and Control: the outlook for the oil and gas industry in 2018 (report front cover)
    25 January 2018 | Oil & Gas | Industry Outlook Report

    Confidence and Control: the outlook for the oil and gas industry in 2018

    Download a copy of the eighth in the series of DNV GL's industry benchmark survey
  • Research Review 2017 cover
    15 January 2018 | Technology and Innovation | Strategic research | Position paper

    DNV GL Research Review 2017

    Solutions for a Sustainable, Digitized Future
  • Power price forecasting
    10 January 2018 | Energy | Electricity transmission and distribution | Flyer

    Power Price Forecasting

    Independent and reliable
  • DNV GL - Maritime_Forecast to 2050 - ETO
    20 December 2017 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    Maritime Forecast to 2050

    The Maritime Forecast to 2050 analyses the impact of the changing global energy system on the shipping industry through to 2050 (82 pages)
  • Power Price Forecasting vision paper
    14 December 2017 | Energy | Energy Planning and Forecasting | Position paper

    Power Price Forecasting

    Deeper understanding of merchant risk to support decision making in energy investments
  • Climate Samurai DNV GL article
    04 December 2017 | Energy | Article

    Climate Samurai - Indian wind power sector

    The article was first published in the December 2017 issue of Climate Samurai and republished with permission.
  • Maritime Impact issue 02-2017
    01 December 2017 | Maritime | Magazine

    Maritime Impact 02-2017

    Focus on smarter operations including remote inspections, e-certificates, CFD simulations, energy management and much more (PDF, 64 pages, 12 MB)
  • Certification for the wind energy of tomorrow - report
    29 November 2017 | Renewables Certification | Report

    Value of certification

    Bright future for wind demands extended risk management: : download available from 29 November 2017
  • Customer magazine for the offshore industry
    23 November 2017 | Maritime | Magazine

    Offshore Update 02-2017

    Covering topics such as new offshore rules, DP-station capability, autonomous shipping, digitalization, transfer of class, offshore wind farms and more.
  • Making renewables smarter
    21 November 2017 | Generation | Position paper

    Making renewables smarter

    The benefits, risks, and future of artificial intelligence in solar and wind energy
  • STREAM model presentation
    21 November 2017 | Energy | Energy markets and regulations | Paper

    StRe@M model

    Dispatch optimization
  • Flexibility in the power system - white paper
    09 November 2017 | Energy | Energy storage | Power and renewables | Whitepaper

    Flexibility in the power system

  • Concrete compression fatigue paper
    09 November 2017 | Renewables Certification | Paper

    Concrete compression fatigue - Design rules and focus areas for testing

    Presented at the International Symposium on Multiscale Experimental Mechanics 2017 on 9 November, Lyngby, Denmark
  • Alok Kumar interview Climate Samurai
    06 November 2017 | Energy | Article

    Climate Samurai interviews Alok Kumar

    India continues to be one of the priority markets for DNV GL and we will continue to invest and bring-in innovative solutions for the local requirements.
  • Going green white paper
    01 November 2017 | Sustainable use of energy | Whitepaper

    Going Green

    How LED’s can impact a grow house from seed to sale
  • Praxishandbuch Schnittstellen 2. Ausgabe
    01 November 2017 | Renewables Certification | Report

    Interface management offshore wind

    DNV GL Renewables Certification has written Sec. 1.13: Zertifizierung. The book is only available in German and can be downloaded from the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster Agency.
  • PV magazine: A new outlook for the energy transition, November 2017
    01 November 2017 | Energy | Solar energy | Article

    A new outlook for the energy transition

    Reprinted with permission from PV Magazine, November 2017
  • HighLight 71
    01 November 2017 | Laboratories | Magazine

    HighLight 71

    DNV GL’s Quarterly Newsletter of Testing, Inspections & Certification
  • Valid list of certifications spreadsheet
    20 October 2017 | Renewables Certification | Report

    List of Certificates (XLSX) - update 20 October 2017

    To download a list of all valid certificates DNV GL has issued, please click the link below