"Watts", where and why? Using GIS to identify energy efficiency opportunities

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Solar panels on an office building


Presented at 2014 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings 

Geographic visualization and analysis of data currently collected by utilities and energy efficiency program administrators is a powerful and underutilized tool for identifying energy efficiency opportunities. Program administrators may be missing out on geographically discreet opportunities to better serve hard to reach efficiency markets.  This paper presents the preliminary results of how GIS was used by the Massachusetts Program Administrators to develop an enhanced understanding of their energy efficiency data by spatially evaluating program penetration, participation trends, energy savings, and customer evolution across years. These outputs provide the utilities with a new look at the geographic evolution and dynamics within their efficiency offerings, and can also enhance existing analyses by presenting a more comprehensive picture of the efficiency landscape than a sole table or chart can offer. Through the application of geospatial analysis software, utilities can potentially improve their targeted offers to customers, increase the adoption of energy efficient technologies, and more effectively evaluate what is happening, where it is happening, and why it is happening.

"Watts" where and why? Using GIS to identify energy efficiency opportunities