DNV GL global industry report “Beyond Integration”

Three dynamics reshaping renewables and the grid

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Three dynamics reshaping renewables and the grid

“The days of ‘monopolized’ power are coming to an end...get smarter or get out of the way” –- Energy Management Supervisor, Government/related agency, North America

Electricity systems around the world are changing. DNV GL believes that a transition to a renewables-based electricity system is possible in a range of markets – but we have become increasingly concerned that the way in which this transition is presented underplays the extent of change required. Renewables are too often conceived as something to be ‘integrated’ into status quo arrangements. A smarter approach is needed.

In Beyond Integration, we explore what it means to ‘get smarter’, outlining three dynamics reshaping the relationship between renewables and the grid. Our analysis is informed by a unique industry survey of more than 1600 professionals across 71 countries, and spotlight interviews with leading industry executives.

Respondents commented on a scenario in which renewables account for 70 percent of power sector generation. How likely did they feel this was to come about? How quickly? And who would be the winners and losers? The report includes analysis from chief author Fliss Jones and insights from DNV GL’s energy storage expert Dr. Ali Nourai and future grid expert Peter Vaessen.

Beyond integration industry survey report