Energy efficiency television programming

Presented at 2014 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Energy efficiency programme implementation

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Many utilities are looking for ways to diversify their energy efficiency portfolios as stand-by measures like CFLs become standard practice. New behavior programs like home energy reports are increasingly popular because they can cost-effectively target a large portion of the population and result in significant program savings even though the savings per household may be small. One Midwestern utility has been running a related kind of education program on television for over 15 years. Originally meant for brand identification and outreach, the authors recently conducted an evaluation of the program and identified energy savings equivalent to the portfolio’s home energy audit program and demand savings equivalent to half of the portfolio’s goal.
This paper discusses the structure and format of the utility-offered television program. It also outlines the evaluation methodology used to determine the impacts resulting from the program. The paper reports the impact results and identifies the uncertainties associated with those results. 

Energy efficiency television programming white paper