Exciting times for the Dutch grid

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Our vision for a transparent, flexibility market that contributes to a solid future for the Dutch energy landscape.

Living without electricity is virtually inconceivable in our society. Even a brief interruption of our electricity supply is deemed unacceptable. We take it for granted that electricity is available - now and in the future. However, this is not necessarily the case, particularly in a changing energy landscape where renewable and decentralised power generation is expected to play a greater role.

DNV GL realises that policymakers and stakeholders in the energy sector need to take action to secure our energy supply now and in the future. In our view, maintaining the policy status quo will result in unacceptable risks to the grid, a steady increase in imbalance in the system, and grid congestion. This report analyses the issues facing policymakers and stakeholders and describes our view of the available solutions, set out in three parts. In the first two sections we explain the nature of the problem.

In the final section we present our vision of how a transparent, flexibility market will contribute to a solid future for the energy landscape.

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