Smart Grid Data Communication

Accelerating Results in Spain

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Smart Grid Data Communication: Accelerating Results in Spain


Back in 2010, when the idea of establishing a smart meter testing laboratory in Madrid was on the table and the economic crisis in Spain was headline news, no one thought this lab, which at the beginning was formed by two consultants, would produce such value for the energy community. It was our vision to establish our strong brand in Madrid and offer high quality and innovative technical services locally in an exciting and challenging environment. Looking back we were here at the right moment and the right time. Today the Smart Grid Data Communication Laboratory (SG DataCom Lab) acts a feeder for several energy advisory services.

The SG DataCom Lab is a boilerplate for innovative smart meter solutions. It is the place where Spanish utilities can experience an interoperable network of smart meters from different vendors and where vendors together improve their products and verify that their solution works! Our pioneering efforts made the Spanish Smart Meter roll-out possible, and enable both utilities and manufacturers to rely on independent and highly skilled consultants and testers.

In this paper, we will review the Spanish market’s Smart Meter roll-out, and explore how the SG DataCom Lab accelerated results for local players through innovation, energy industry expertise and critical services spanning the spectrum of operational, technical and business need. We will conclude with our view of what is in store for the Smart Metering world in the future.

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Smart Grid Data Communication: Accelerating Results in Spain