Energy Transition Programme

Long term forecast of the energy transition and the implications for our industries

Graphic showing the energy transition

The drivers and impacts of the energy transition

The two megatrends in the energy transition are decarbonization and electrification. The underlying driver for decarbonization is the global concern over climate change and its consequences. Local environmental challenges and energy security also contribute. 

Our energy transition programme intends to shed light on the transition dynamics and impact on the world at large, on regions, and on industries, in particular the power and renewables, oil and gas, and maritime transportation sectors. The energy transition will have dramatic consequences with wide-reaching impact on businesses, consumers and governments. The transition also holds significant opportunities for the players involved. 

The annual global and regional forecast towards 2050 – the Energy Transition Outlook – is the main output of this programme.

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Sverre Alvik
Sverre Alvik

Director of the Energy Transition programme

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