Climate change

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C-GEAR Core virtual platform screenshot

Digital climate services

The amount of data from the global climate models as well as extreme weather and climate related hazard data is overwhelming for decision-makers who need fast and actionable insights.

DNV GL has therefore developed "C-GEAR Core" (Climatic Geo Enhanced Assessment of Risks). This is an integrated state-of-the-art tool that consists of several applications and platforms that capture, analyze and visualize climate, weather and hazard-related information. Our aim is to support decision-making processes by translating data into risk-based information. 

C-GEAR Core is an interactive platform embedded in a dynamic geographical information system. It consists of a computational core and an intuitive user interface which can be accessed by decision makers, technical experts and other stakeholders. 

C-GEAR Core is a web-based cloud solution which enables users to:

  • Explore climate data and climatic trends and perform data analytics on the data;
  • Interactively query climate risks for a given region or infrastructure(s); and
  • Perform hazard-based rankings and identify regions where climate risks are beyond critical levels.
Based on the C-GEAR core functionalities, DNV GL specialists can provide customized, tailor-made solutions which can be easily integrated within existing GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software; both desktop and web-based. DNV GL uses GIS to implement strategic geospatial methodologies and processes that enable a variety of insights:
  • Better understanding of what is happening (discovery);
  • Better understanding of what can happen (predictive analytics and modelling); and
  • Action to be taken (from measurement to management and better decision support).
C-GEAR Core virtual platform screenshot
A screenshot from the C-GEAR Core virtual platform.

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