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Addressing governance, standards, adaptation, resilience and emergency management

Emergency preparedness and disaster risk management

Effective emergency management and preparedness requires coordination and ready access to crucial information.

DNV GL has therefore developed a digital tool – CEP-MAP –to assist organizations in improving their resilience to the impacts of extreme weather events and other emergency situations. The tool provides quick access to historic data on past events, available capacity for relief and recovery activities and live information from for example social media.

CEP-MAP (Capacity, Emergency and Post-Emergency Management And Preparedness) allows real-time analysis, processing and assessment of spatio-temporal information to support decision makers during a disaster. It supports different stakeholders in the emergency chain of command to make effective plans and preparations, and to effectively respond and recover from emergency situations.

CEP-MAP is based on the following principal components:

  • Digitalization of data and data processing;
  • Real time weather information and forecasts; and
  • Crowd-sourcing post emergency activities.

It focuses on the optimization of the emergency procedures using a geographic information system (GIS). This allows real-time access with easy to use mobile apps to geographic attributes of interest, and connecting geographic information with other valuable information. CEP-MAP also provides a platform to digitalize, collect and save the vast inventory of emergency surveys, protocols and reports.

This project is being carried out as part of a strategic partnership with the Norwegian Red Cross.

Capacity Map graphic
Emergency Map graphic
Post emergency map graphic
Screenshots from the CEP MAP platform.

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