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The Joint Action European Union Network for Patient Safety and Quality of Care (JA PASQ) 

This aims to strengthen cooperation between EU Member states, international organisations and EU stakeholders on issues related to quality of health care and patient involvement through networking. Read more about this here JA PASQ  on their website. 

Healthcare & Climate change

Climate change poses serious threats to human health and well-being.   We will scope the potential to build health impact assessment and interventions processes into DNV GL’s core services to develop and test a model for assessing healthcare organisation's resilience to climate change.  The objectives of this project are to scope innovative solutions through co-created efforts to cope with the shifting burden of climate change on global health and healthcare. 

Data analytics

As healthcare technology progresses and understanding advance, we expect that researchers will develop interesting ideas for using big data in patient safety for the use of predicting, monitoring and managing risk – however, the big-data revolution is still in its early days, and most of the potential for value creation in healthcare is unclaimed. The objective of this project is to scope data analysis in healthcare as it applies to prediction of risk and performance.

Healthcare media

Technology Outlook 2025

What does the next decade hold for life sciences?

Video - Healthcare 2050

A vision of safer and smarter health services

Safety culture in healthcare

New position paper: a SR&I Healthcare programme video.

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