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500 Hz accelerated ageing testing of cables

500 Hz accelerated ageing testing of cables

DNV GL offers a 500 Hz accelerated ageing test to rapidly assess the resistance of cables to the development of water trees.

Utilities increasingly require evidence of quality, safety and reliability of cables through independent testing. To provide you with this evidence, DNV GL conducts ageing tests on cable samples according to internationally recognized standards such as CENELEC HD 620 S2.

Why cable sensitivity testing?
XLPE-insulated power cables can be sensitive to water. Even a small quantity of water in the insulation material can lead to the growth of water trees over a period of time. If these water trees grow sufficiently large, they may lead to a breakdown.

Accelerated testing
Based on our many years of research into water trees, we have developed a rapid, highly effective test method. The method involves applying a 500 Hz voltage to the cable while it is immersed in water. This simulates ageing of the cable over a lifetime of several decades under normal operating conditions, allowing the quality of the insulation material to be ascertained in just 4 months.

Test reporting and location
After the ageing period, we conduct a breakdown test on the cable samples and supply a KEMA Report of Performance on the results.

We perform pre-conditioning, accelerated ageing and electrical breakdown tests on cable samples in a special facility at our High-Voltage Laboratory in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

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Bas Verhoeven

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