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Acoustic measurements of wind turbines

Noise measurements of wind turbines

Acoustic measurements are critical to ensuring community acceptance for wind farms.

When developing prototypes it is important that wind turbine manufacturers know the sound power level for both certification purposes and noise prediction for use in projects.

Measuring your prototypes
The resulting sound power level for different wind speeds and the results regarding tonality and impulsivity of sounds generated by the wind turbine are the basis for noise impact assessments. These results are used to compare the impact of a wind farm against regulatory requirements. Using highly specialized equipment, our noise measurements give you complete awareness of all wind turbine noise characteristics.

Measuring post-commission
Once a project has been commissioned, local or federal regulators will require an examination of the sound levels of your wind turbines. This is to ensure that approved power levels are not exceeded. These measurements are conducted by a qualified independent party in accordance with recognised standards and the proximity measurements of reference points when projects are developed close to inhabited areas.

Why you should choose DNV GL
DNV GL helps to ensure you meet the highest standards in noise regulation. We are accredited for noise emission measurements on wind turbines to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 in accordance with all relevant German and international standards. We have also collaborated with manufacturers and regulatory authorities for over 15 years to develop and adapt workable and uniform guidelines. Further, our neutrality as an independent measurement body is demonstrated by our role as independent expert performing a number of measurements on behalf of manufactures, operators and residents.

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