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End-to-end certification solutions for additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing certification

Additive manufacturing (AM), also referred to as 3D printing, is a common name for technologies where an object is manufactured layer by layer. Additive manufacturing enables the building of three-dimensional, solid objects from digital models, and thus the realization of complex parts. This is in contrast with many traditional manufacturing methods, where the final parts are machined out from a pre-made form.

Additive manufacturing is expected to revolutionize the way products are designed, manufactured and distributed. The technology will enable new supply chains and on-site 3D printing of spare parts, adding value in many areas that have yet to be explored: reduction of lead-time, weight and part count, with greater efficiency of components, lower waste and lower emissions. Additive manufacturing will also enable novel designs with high complexity, new repair methods and the use of unconventional or new materials.

However, one of the most serious hurdles to the broad adoption of additive manufacturing of materials is the qualification of additively manufactured parts.

Additive manufacturing certification – a new approach

DNV GL is taking the lead in offering various services related to assurance of additive manufacturing based on our broad involvement with AM worldwide in maritime, oil and gas and other allied industries.

DNV GL supports you with a worldwide network and in-depth knowledge to meet or to overcome the challenges associated with additive manufacturing / 3D printing. We offer a wide range of services such as additive manufacturing certification, qualification, verification, , classification, advisory, design approval, product testing, inspections and consulting. Whether you are a raw material supplier, technology developer, designer or end user, our technical teams around the globe can offer you a full solution according to your needs.

DNV GL credentials in AM certification

To examine the potential of additive manufacturing in collaboration with our industry partners, we are carrying out several joint industry feasibility and pilot study projects on 3D-printed products in the maritime and offshore industries. In addition, we have developed a new qualification and certification guideline for 3D-printed products, released in November 2017. DNV GL has also joined forces with key stakeholders to develop similar recommendations for the oil and gas industry for an AM recommended practice (RP).

New Global Additive Manufacturing Technology Centre of Excellence

DNV GL established a new Global Additive Manufacturing Technology Centre in Singapore that is supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). The centre will serve as an incubator and testbed focussing on DNV GL’s global competence and service delivery for assurance and advisory services in additive manufacturing for the maritime, offshore and oil and gas industries. The technology centre will deliver services including additive manufacturing certification, feasibility studies, qualification, verification and approval of design of materials, components and structures and other safety-critical components using AM, verification of additive manufacturing and fabrication processes, equipment, personnel and products.

DNV GL centres of expertise on AM

DNV GL is offering AM related services from various locations around the globe such as Singapore, Norway, and the US.

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