Administration - Synergi Plant

Synergi Plant Administration software

Manage functionality permission and roles for plant users and user groups

Plant system administration

With the Synergi Plant - Admininstration module, you can easily manage Synergi Plant user groups, users and their roles. The security model also allows settings of page order and default pages for each module to improve user friendliness. Synergi Plant provides either specific authentication or Windows-integrated authentication for user login. The user role settings allow you to configure business process and specific responsibility for each process step or different assets.

What you get with plant system administration software

  • Set up users, user groups, and roles for functionalities
  • Set up business workflow and process steps with pre-defined responsibilities
  • Set up menu, page order and default page for each Synergi Plant module
  • Implement Synergi Plant with its own authentication or work together with the Windows authentication in your company's intranet
  • Capability to host Synergi Plant both on your company intranet or allow selected access from internet
  • Define reference data for library, dropdown list and other parameters
  • Define datasheets for various asset and activity forms and recording lists
  • Define associated document types for assets and activities
  • Define dashboard widget data source for the plant integrity management dashboard module

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