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Adsorption is a solid bed technology based on physical separation utilizing highly porous materials such as silica gel to remove contaminants. It is used for the purification of high pressure natural and unconventional gases and utilizes heat for regeneration (“temperature swing adsorption”) to make the process continuous. 

ADAPT silica gel adsorption is used for dew point control and dehydration of gases and also finds application for the removal of BTEX and mercaptans.  

ADAPT exhibits advantages including simultaneous dew point control and dehydration, no foaming or entrainment, good inherent reliability, ease of operation and flexibility. For BTEX removal, the process is less costly and energy intensive. For mercaptans removal, contaminants are extracted in the hydrocarbon condensate for simpler downstream processing.  

DNV GL has over 40 years of specialist expertise in silica gel adsorption for gas treatment. ADAPT designs allow optimization of the plant equipment requirements and extension of the cycle time to minimize regeneration frequency. This allows reduction in capex and opex, longer adsorbent service life and lower emissions.  

ADAPT is commercially proven with over 25 years of successful operating experience. There are 15 references including large plants and prestigious gas project applications around the world.   

We offer the following ADAPT services:

  • New plants
    • Process selection
    • Concept design
    • Technology provision and basic design
    • Design review and due diligence. 
  • Operational plants
    • Plant optimization and performance improvement
    • Performance assessment and condition monitoring
    • Plant uprating and de-bottlenecking
    • Consultancy and troubleshooting.

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Antony Kane

Antony Kane

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