Approval of service suppliers

Approval Of Service Suppliers

Build trust and confidence with your customers – with DNV GL approval.

Suppliers delivering services relevant to ship operations or the classification of ships need to fulfil specific requirements. They are subject to approval when serving DNV GL ships. Our experts approve your service supply business according to DNV GL rules. This ensures that your company meets common requirements in terms of qualification, capability and delivery.

We offer approval for suppliers of the following services:

  • Ultrasonic thickness measurements of ship structures
  • Non-destructive testing for offshore projects/units
  • Ultrasonic tightness testing of hatches
  • In-water survey of ships
  • Survey and maintenance of fire extinguishing equipment and breathing apparatus
  • Service of radio communication equipment
  • Service of inflatable life rafts, inflatable life jackets, evacuation systems and more
  • Service of gas welding and cutting equipment on board
  • Examination of Ro-Ro ship bow, stern, side and inner doors
  • Survey of low location-lighting systems using photo-luminescent materials
  • Sound-pressure level measurements of alarm systems
  • Service and testing of voyage data recorder
  • Resin casting of chock foundations, stern tubes, etc.
  • Vibration monitoring and diagnostics of machinery on board ships
  • Inspection and testing of navigational equipment and systems on board ships
  • Inspection and testing of Inventory List of Hazardous Materials (IHM)
  • Renewal survey examination of mooring chain intended for mobile offshore units
  • Testing of coating systems (IMO PSPC)
  • Servicing of lifeboats, launching appliances and on-load release gear
  • Condition monitoring of machinery onboard ships and mobile offshore units
  • Testing of ballast water management systems - environmental testing
  • Testing of ballast water management systems - land-based and shipboard testing
  • Services in terms of guidelines for compliance with MLC 2006 noise and vibration requirements

For maximum ease, the procedures and acceptance criteria for approval of service suppliers are provided in our approval programmes.

Service companies benefit from:

  • Smart approval processes following proven programmes
  • DNV GL proof of quality leading to new market opportunities
  • Enhanced trust between shipping companies, operators and the supplier due to DNV GL certification
  • Expert guidance on requirements and how to achieve compliance
  • Listing of approved service suppliers in our database so that potential customers can easily find you

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