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Comprehensive range of strategy and implementation support services to ensure asset management in your offshore wind project meets ISO 55001 and your own needs.

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Effective asset management is crucial for optimizing the cost of energy from any power generation facility. But with the current generation of turbines coming out of warranty and the advent of the ISO55001 standard, asset management is particularly important right now for offshore wind farms. It is also a particularly difficult challenge for these facilities. Remote locations make site access difficult, and the list of factors to be considered is daunting.

Our offshore wind asset management services ensure you have the right asset management strategy and actions in place for your specific needs.

The most extensive range of services
DNV GL has the widest range of offshore wind expertise in the industry, covering cables, turbines, sub-stations, inspections and more. Consequently, you can choose from the most extensive selection of asset management services available.

In particular, we can help you develop an effective and efficient overall asset management strategy, ensuring it meets both the ISO55001 standard and your own specific requirements. In addition, you can rely on our support in implementing a tailor-made package of asset management services. These can include:

  • Cable management: design, repair and remedial work
  • Structural integrity management for subsea structures
  • Developing and implementing peer-reviewed ISO55001 systems
  • Turbine performance analysis
  • Short-term forecasting
  • Portfolio management with the WindHelm and SunHelm tool
  • SCADA data management with the WindHelm and SunHelm tool
  • Statutory Inspections
  • Condition-based monitoring, maintenance and performance enhancement
  • Repair and maintenance management
  • Technical operations management
  • Sub-station management

Tailored to your needs
Our services can be tailored to your specific needs. You can choose to outsource the day-to-day asset management to us entirely, and we will provide you with regular reports plus access to our WindHelM and SunHelm portfolio management tool as needed. Alternatively, your in-house asset management team can call on our expert support for specific tasks, such as assessing asset performance or analysing detailed data. And we can act as an independent third-party to peer-review and recommend enhancements for your current asset management activities.