Battery testing services

DNV GL’s offers extensive battery testing services to help ensure your chosen battery solution operates according to specifications.

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Head of Department, Renewables Advisory, North America
Battery testing services

The sporadic nature of many renewable energy sources make batteries an essential part of “always-on”, green electricity networks. But authorities, network operators and consumers need to be sure those batteries are reliable and safe. DNV GL’s standards-based battery testing services help you ensure your chosen battery solution operates correctly and safely in all conditions.

Our independent testing covers the full range of battery technologies: from single cells to complete systems with cycle capacities up to 2 MW. We offer both in-field testing and lab-based testing at our KEMA Laboratory USA (Chalfont) and BEST Test and Commercialization Center (BEST T&CC) facilities. Components are tested according to relevant international standards.


  • Single cell testing and evaluation: up to 5 V and 600 A
  • Cell / module / pack level battery life testing: up to 20 V and 600 A
  • Module / battery level battery life testing: up to 100 V and 600 A
  • System / battery pack testing and evaluation: up to 1000 V and 500 A (max. 240 kW)
  • System level testing up to 240 kW at BEST T&CC and 2 MW at KEMA Laboratory USA

Technologies supported

  • Lithium ion
  • Nickel based
  • Sodium nickel
  • Sodium sulphur
  • Redox flow
  • Metal air
  • Flow batteries
  • Lead acid (VRLA)
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