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Battery testing services

Battery testing services

DNV GL’s offers extensive battery testing services to help ensure your chosen battery solution operates according to specifications.

The sporadic nature of many renewable energy sources make batteries an essential part of “always-on”, green electricity networks. But authorities, network operators and consumers need to be sure those batteries are reliable and safe. DNV GL’s standards-based battery testing services help you ensure your chosen battery solution operates correctly and safely in all conditions.

Our independent testing covers the full range of battery technologies: from single cells to complete systems with cycle capacities up to 2 MW. We offer both in-field testing and lab-based testing at our KEMA Laboratory USA (Chalfont) and BEST Test and Commercialization Center (BEST T&CC) facilities. Components are tested according to relevant international standards.


  • Single cell testing and evaluation: up to 5 V and 600 A
  • Cell / module / pack level battery life testing: up to 20 V and 600 A
  • Module / battery level battery life testing: up to 100 V and 600 A
  • System / battery pack testing and evaluation: up to 1000 V and 500 A (max. 240 kW)
  • System level testing up to 240 kW at BEST T&CC and 2 MW at KEMA Laboratory USA

Technologies supported

  • Lithium ion
  • Nickel based
  • Sodium nickel
  • Sodium sulphur
  • Redox flow
  • Metal air
  • Flow batteries
  • Lead acid (VRLA)

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