Beam structural analysis - Nauticus Hull - 3D Beam

Software for efficient modelling and structural analysis of 3D beam structures

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Nauticus Hull 3D Beam - beam structural analysis software

Beam structural analysis

The 3D Beam software tool is used for efficient modelling and analysis of 3D beam structures. It can be used as a stand-alone program or as an integrated part of Nauticus Hull, and is an ideal tool for first assessment of structural design.

Nauticus Hull - 3D Beam software

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface allows you to reduce modelling time, even for complex models
  • Flexible visualization of parts or the full model in any number of independent views
  • Easy generation, combination and visualization of loads, due to hydrostatic pressure, inertia, wind, snow, temperature etc
  • Large library of cross section profile types, including standard Nauticus profiles
  • Display of force and moment diagrams directly on the model together with colour plots of stress distributions and deformations

Key benefits for 3D beam structural analysis

  • Named collections of beams and nodes for convenient switching between selections
  • Display of the model in wire mode with rigid ends and hinges, and optional display of boundary conditions, cross sections, and local axes, or a solid view of the model
  • Use of discontinuous beam properties, e.g. for modelling of wires
  • Input and results in sortable tables for easy result evaluation and generation of reports with flexible reporting tool
  • Geometries may be generated in MS Excel and pasted into the 3D Beam software
  • User-specified cross sections can be exported for re-use in other models