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The facilities at DNV GL’s T&CC include testers and environmental chambers, offering over 300 channels with environmental support.

The extensive facilities at the DNV GL BEST Test & Commercialization Center (BEST T&CC) include testers and environmental chambers, and offer over 300 channels total with environmental support. This supports a wide range of standards-based tests on everything from single cells to complete systems.


  • 5 V single cell testers (up to 600 A)
  • 20 V, 24-channel testers (up to 600 A)
  • 100 V, 12-channel testers (up to 600 A)
  • 240 kW / 1000 V 2-channel testers

Environmental chambers

16 cu. ft (0.45 m3) single cell chamber

64 cu. ft. (1.8 m3) module chamber

1100 cu. ft. (31 m3) rack chamber

Large unit testing
Testing of large and high-power systems is available in conjunction with the KEMA Laboratory in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. This gives you access to an extended ESS facility with PECO grid connection and a 1000 kW test stand.

Maximum power2.0 MW
Output voltage100 - 600 V, 3 or single phase (in steps)
Maximum output current3,000 A at 600 V
Charge/discharge sourceSynchronised with local utility network
Test areaOutdoor: 100 x 60 ft, Indoor: 30 x 20 ft

Rochester testing equipment 358x112pxlRochester testing chamber 1 358x112pxl
Rochester testing equipmentRochester testing chamber
Rochester testing chamber 2 358x112pxlRochester large unit testing 358x112pxl
Rochester testing chamberRochester large unit testing

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