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DNV GL provides type testing and certification of medium and high-voltage cables and cable accessories based on key international and local standards.

Type testing allows you to provide evidence that your cables and cable accessories offer the necessary quality to deliver reliable service over many years.

DNV GL has extensive experience of type testing cables and accessories and our labs are equipped to handle today’s large conductors. Besides testing oil and paper insulated cables, we have actively worked on the use and testing of XLPE materials and composites.

Furthermore, our laboratories can test complete cable systems. By assessing the interaction between cables and accessories, you and your customers can ensure there are no weak points due to specific components.

Standards covered
You can have your products tested for conformity to a number of international standards including IEC, CENELEC, IEEE and British Standard. If you require it, we can test for conformity to specific local standards. We can also witness on-site testing.

High-voltage cables and accessories
The IEC 60840 standard applies to cable voltage ratings between 30 kV and 150 kV. It includes a regular type test sequence for cables and a separate sequence for the cable accessories.

IEC 62067 applies to ultra high-voltage cables rated 150 kV and above, manufactured with extruded insulation material. The standard includes a more integrated test sequence for the combination of cables and accessories than required for IEC 60840.

Medium-voltage cables and accessories
The key standard for these products is the IEC 60502 series. IEC 60502-2 covers cables, while IEC 60502-4 covers cable accessories.

A certified cable must be used when testing cable accessories, however this standard is not considered to be an integrated test sequence for both cables and accessories.

Low-voltage cables and accessories
Various standards apply to low-voltage power cables, the most common being IEC 60502-1.

We also test for conformance to IEEE 404 (for cable joints rated 2.5 kV to 500 kV) and Cenelec HD 629.1 S2.

Tests available
We perform both non-electrical and electrical type tests, as well as prequalification tests. These can lead to a KEMA Type Test Certificate, a Report of Short-Time Current Performance or an Inspection Report.

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