Minor deviations, major consequences

To measure is to be certain. But that only applies if your measuring instrument is extremely accurate! Nowadays products are very precisely dimensioned. That means that maintenance and repair must be performed with as little tolerance as possible. The regular calibration of measuring tools is a must. An inaccurate instrument can cause damage and high costs to systems and processes.

DNV GL establishes in its calibration laboratory the degree to which your measuring instruments deviate from the standard. This could be an official standard or factory specifications. And naturally we also calibrate on the basis of a criterion that you yourself employ. We provide your measuring tools with an international recognized Calibration Certificate, which means you and your customer know with absolute certainty what the true measurements are.

We help you further with extreme precision
If there are deviations, we can adjust your measuring instrument if you wish. We alter it to correspond with the criteria of the standard. Usually you can interpret the calibration results yourself and determine whether the deviation is within the allowable tolerance or not. However, at your request we’ll give you our explicit opinion: approval or rejection. Or we’ll give you advice about the measuring instrument and its use.

Quick, complete, accurate and traceable
We offer you a very short leadtime for calibration of your instruments, because we know you need your instruments every day.
We calibrate virtually every type of electrical measuring instrument – simply too many to mention. But to give you some idea, we run the gamut from ohm meters and data loggers to high voltage testing equipment. Our calibration scope includes a/o: many electrical units from DC upto 10 GHz, pressure, temperature, time, sound and vibration. Here you can find a complete scope of accredited calibrations. DNV GL has been performing calibration services for more than 30 years. Our calibration services fall under the auspices of the Dutch Council for Accreditation (RvA).

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