Cascade module - Doble Test Assistance Interface (DTA)

CASCADE Doble Test Assistant Interface software module

Integrate DTA data into your utility asset management operations

Doble Test Assistance Interface

The Cascade software module Doble Test Assistant Interface integrates DTA data into utility asset management operations to maximize asset health.

What you get with DTA software

  • Unique interface, not found with conventional asset management programs
  • DTA results integrated seamlessly with Cascade
  • Combines with Cascade to provide comprehensive collection, analysis and management of power factor testing
  • One central location for data
  • Ensures that critical test data is always accessible

Key benefits of the Doble Test Assistance Interface software

  • Eliminates the need to maintain equipment information and test results in two separate systems
  • Better use of data due to the focused and specialized nature of Cascade
  • Easily manages field data files and brings them smoothly out of the field and into the office
  • Utilizes results intelligently for improved maintenance planning and operation efficiency
  • Stores historical data analyses and trends

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