Certification of containers and transport units


Modern and compliant containers – with DNV GL.

To defend your market position in a globally growing and diversifying market, it is essential that your containers meet all requirements for safety, stability and usability.

With DNV GL container certification you benefit from our worldwide network of experts, strong presence in Asia and over 40 years of experience in container technology.

DNV GL certification covers:

  • Standard containers (all sizes and types)
  • Offshore containers (used for oil & gas industry, wind farms)
  • Reefer and thermal containers
  • Tank containers
  • Swap bodies
  • Flat racks, bin racks, platform containers, roll tracks
  • Open top containers
  • Special purpose containers, e.g. for special transport, installations, working or living

Our services apply to new and modified containers, including manufacturing companies, repair companies and container owners. 

We provide:

  • Design & document review
  • CSC and customs approval
  • Certification to international standards (e.g. ISO, DNV 2.7, EN, DIN, UIC, ATO, ADR/RID, IMDG)
  • ACEP document review
  • Type tests
  • Inspection of damages, repairs, modifications 
  • Production witness 
  • Initial inspections
  • Periodical inspections for tank containers
  • Approval of test facilities
  • Special certifications, i.e. one door off, floor test etc.

Advance your container business with DNV GL certification and benefit from:

  • Safe containers that enable easy handling, transport and storage
  • Full-service solutions providing a variety of certifications from a single source
  • Smooth and speedy certification processes saving you time and money
  • Expert support in all safety and compliance matters
  • Trust and confidence from your customers due to reputable DNV GL certification

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