Certification of learning programmes

Certification of learning programmes

We provide verification that the programmes you offer are in compliance with our own and industry standards.

Do you need to show compliance of your training to the maritime and offshore industries?

DNV GL SeaSkill™ provides the certification of learning programmes to confirm  their high standards and qualitythe.

The certification of learning programmes ensures your training courses and programmes:

  • Are properly designed
  • Contain clear objectives for results
  • Are carried out by qualified trainers
  • Are reviewed and improved in line with market demands and experience

It also ensures that the required equipment and facilities for the training course or programme are available, and that the content of it meets the requirements as stipulated in agreed industry standards such as IMO Model Courses.

If you offer a training course or programme in compliance with our own DNVGL-ST-0008 Learning Programmes and relevant industry standards, you can apply for DNV GL learning programme certification, which is valid for a full five years.

By certifying your learning programme with us, you are able to provide evidence of the suitability of your learning programmes to flag states or other parties, ensuring that:

  • Courses are well structured, learning objectives are clear and instructors have adequate competence
  • The required equipment and facilities for the course are available to give you a competitive edge on the market
  • The content complies with the relevant standards or guidelines (e.g., SIGTTO, IMO Model Courses, DNV GL Competence Standards) to give them a good reputation

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